As a company, it is always our aim to push the boundaries and develop new innovations to deliver our ground-breaking fire technology in new and inventive ways. Because our technology is far more superior than traditional fire fighting products it has enabled us to develop a lightweight (but strong) 335ml plastic directional aerosol (shaped for ease of use) with less risk of denting, rupture or rusting. It can effectively tackle fire situations previously not contemplated. It’s also BPA free with an extremely low carbon footprint.


Firescape offers our technology in a variety of formats from a full range of conventional fire extinguishers to innovative new products such as our Rapid Response Aerosols and Pan Fire Sachets.



Our Products


It is our aim to supply our technology, Bulk-Safe to national Fire & Rescue services worldwide. This will enable fire departments to induce the product directly into their onboard tanks that are currently reserved for foam. One of the main benefits is that Bulk-Safe can be diluted with water at high pressure resulting in the fire fighting process being greatly reduced as it provides instant cooling whilst reducing the environmental impact.

We have spent a great deal of time researching and developing our ground breaking fire fighting technology and we felt it important to be able to deploy our product in its most effective way possible. We use deep draw cylinder technology with high quality, heavy duty brass valves and components. The result is a high quality robust European

manufactured fire extinguisher that contains our fire fighting technology, which provides a safe and rapid fire extinguishing capability.


Pan-Safe is a "must have" safety product for every home. It offers a much safer and rapid way of extinguishing dangerous pan fires, within seconds.


According to the UK Fire & Rescue Services, nearly 20 people are killed or injured every day in accidental fires that start in the kitchen, the most common of these are caused by fat frying.


Unlike any other fires, cooking oil fires are almost impossible to safely extinguish using conventional methods and many people become seriously injured while trying to do so.


Weighing only 203g and containing 120ml of liquid, it can be used safely and effectively.




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