London Fire Brigade Enterprises (LFBe) are an official partner of Firescape Global, and fully approve our products. They have helped establish the testing and accreditation criteria, which has enabled us to develop the products and their many applications. Consequently, Firescape technology can be implemented effectively  resulting in saving lives and minimising the ravages of fire. London Fire Brigade Enterprises are now an official reseller of the Firescape product range.


Firescape is proud to announce that Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service (DWFRS) are now working closely with Firescape in the research and development of the Firescape product range. DWFRS have been involved in product testing and demonstrations since September 2015, and will continue to assist us in the future testing of our upcoming products and technologies.


Firescape is pleased to announce that we are now an affiliate organisation of The Institution Of Fire Engineers (IFE). Founded in 1918, the IFE assesses knowledge of fire and professional experience, awarding internationally recognised membership grades and fire-related qualifications, which outlines competence, commitment and expertise within the industry.


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The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council [CWEIC] facilitates trade and investment throughout the 53 states of the Commonwealth, and supports private sector companies and governments to promote economic activity. Firescape are delighted to have been selected in the first cohort of Export Champions. The Export Champions have been chosen based on their level of impact, innovation, ambition and ability to succeed across Commonwealth markets. Firescape look forward to playing an active role in this member organization.


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Firescape is proud to support such an important charity as the Children’s Burns Trust, and we look forward to supporting and raising well needed funds with our partners for the charity's causes.


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Firescape has established a key partnership with specialist UK fire vehicle manufacturer, Emergency One.
Below is a statement from their management team:
"Emergency One (UK) Limited understands the need for the UKFRS to look at different ways of tackling the increasingly diverse risks they faces in order to protect the public. We also appreciate that the need to protect the natural environment is a key driver in selecting those solutions. Emergency One is proud to be working with Firescape and LFBe to provide innovative engineering solutions that allow fire and rescue services to specify or retrofit Firescape products to their appliances and fire fighting systems.”

Belmonte Ltd is pleased to be working with Firescape to develop a range of unique insurance products that provide financial savings to clients as well as enhanced cover.




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